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The YDM Conference Report is complete!

YDM Conference Report cover page

After the conference, we engaged in a national validation process of the recommendations in this report. We asked for feedback on the draft report from conference participants, adult allies, facilitators and others from our network, and conducted two video conference calls with youth participants from across the country to validate the recommendations, with a focus on developing key messages and action items.

Together, we will spend the next year working with youth in the various communities to turn these recommendations into reality, but we can’t do it alone. We are hoping you can support us in this process.

25th Anniversary Young Decision Makers Conference

Young Decisions Makers Conference

We are excited to announce the successful completion of our 25th Anniversary Young Decisions Makers Conference. The ideas generated are being shared directly with the Prime Ministers Office and the Executive Directors of National Youth Serving Agencies. 165 youth and adult allies from every province and territory came together to study, discuss and develop recommendations on a number of key issues. These included: Mental Health & Wellness, Diversity & Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Youth Voice & Decision Making Structures, Substance Misuse, Healthy Relationships, A Path to Reconciliation and On-Line Exploitation and Privacy. Each 'theme team' nominated representatives to support the writing of a conference report.

2015 Highlights and Updates

The Sharing the Stories Header

The Students Commission has moved into the second version of the Sharing the Stories research and evaluation platform in anticipation of our 25th anniversary next year. With this large update to our web-based program evaluation platform, we would like to look back at the partnerships of the last few months, which have helped us do such great work this year, and look forward to the great projects we are working on moving into the future.

The Entrepreneurship E-Book cover Over the past few months, our partnerships have led to the creation of several resources for the youth sector: the YMCA Youth Who Thrive resource and the Boys and Girls Club of Canada Youth Entrepreneurship E-Book. These resources allow for important facts and information to be displayed in an easily digestible format for youth, adult allies and community stakeholders.

We have also been working in communities across Canada to deliver workshops and events in association with organizations such as the RCMP and the City of Kingston. These workshops and events have allowed us to target key issues such as cyber-bullying within youth communities, and implement a multi-year youth strategy to make Kingston a more youth friendly and inclusive city.

Children Lead the Way is a program by Save the Children partenering with the Students Commission With this knowledge base about Canadian youth, we have also engaged in a global discussion about the needs of young people, by partnering with HBSC, Save the Children, and UNICEF. These international projects have shaped our understanding of young people’s needs by engaging in discussion with Canadian and international youth about what they feel shapes their lives and health.

The Collective Impact for Toronto Youth Logo As leaders in youth engagement, we will also be continuing our work as the backbone of the Collective Impact for Toronto Youth project, which aims to bring Toronto youth organizations together to increase the high school graduation rates of racialized youth furthest away from opportunities.

One of our youth facilitators Moving forward, The Students Commission will be starting up a Youth Group to discuss issues like: young people’s health, healthy relationships and ways to be involved. This youth group will also be facilitating and helping to create content for our upcoming 25th anniversary youth conference.

Check out the linked webpages within this update to find out more about these great projects and resources!

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