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The Canada We Want Conference Dream Tree

We hope this message finds you well; there is a ton of really, really exciting new information that we are super thrilled to be sharing with you! From all the marvellous work at the conference, here is our final Youth Policy for Canada report that all of your recommendations went towards! This is headed to a presentation to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Youth Council. In addition, there are all of the individual theme team reports you helped write! Don’t just look for yours, check out all the impressive work of your peers. These are headed to all relevant government departments and youth organizations

Young Story Tellers on Diversity Initiative

Youth Storytellers o Diversity

Hurrah!!! We have another new grant putting into action an idea generated by Kwaku, a rising young media personality. The Young Story Tellers on Diversity Initiative will add VR (virtual reality) storytelling to all our projects addressing racism and promoting inclusion, as a form of social media, assisting youth to create and experience racial and cultural diversity, particularly in homogenous communities. Thanks to CIRA's Community Investment Program (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) for believing in us. Let us know if you want to participate in the project. Contact us at to get involved.

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